Workshop Modules

Voice Workshop Modules

We structure our Voice Workshops in the following Modules

Module 1: An introduction into Voice User Interfaces

What are voice user interfaces? Why is voice important now? Why is voice important for my brand? What strategies exists for brands in the voice space?

Module 2: Voice Rapid Prototyping and Finding Use Cases

How can Voice be used for my brand? What potential voice use cases exist for my brand? This module takes an interactive Design Thinking Approach to uncovering the best use cases for your brand.

Module 3: The Voice Persona

Who am I? What does my brand sound like? There is no digital assistant without a personality - In this workshop we determine and define the right persona for your brand.

Module 4: Modelling Voice and great User Experiences

How to design for voice? Developing a great voice user experience for my brand is more difficult than one might think. This module highlights the pitfalls and patterns used in voice design and will set up your voice application based on voice first principles.

Module 5: Measuring Voice and defining Key Performance Indicators

How do we measure success? What tools can we utilise in monitoring voice applications? How do we find out where users drop out? This workshop will equip you with the tools to monitor and continously analyse your voice application.

Module 6: Developing for Voice User Interfaces

How does one go about developing for voice? An introduction into agile methodologies used in developing voice application. This workshop module can also convers the technical implementation of microservices and voice frameworks.

Module 7: Voice Content Management

How does one keep voice content current and up to date? What systems exists to allow for content management? What are the best factors to consider when choosing a Voice Content Management System.

Module 8: Voice Application Marketing

Developing a great voice experience is only half of the work. Promoting or getting found on the Amazon App store or Google Home is cruicial to succeed in the voice space. In this workshop module we will explore and discuss invocation name approaches. Futhermore, we will look at differernt strategies to promote a voice application in the voice space.

Module 9: Personalisation

Delivering a personalised voice experience contributes to a better UX, increased user interactions and more relevant experience. In this module we will discuss linking existing data with your voice application. We will also highlight points for personalisation and how to develop an AI system that can deliver a personalised experience.

Module 10: Voice Monetization

How do we make money through voice? An exploration into methods to monetize voice.

"We are getting more acclimated to devices that respond to your voice instead of your finger. Voice and AI are the two most important things that we should be paying attention to."

iPhone co-creator Andy Grignon

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